Schedule & Rules 2014, 2014-07-28

Here is the preliminary schedule and rules for this year.

Men and OB Pools Posted, 2014-07-21

Here are the preliminary pools for this year: Pools.

Invite, 2014-01-31

Here is the invite for this year: Invite 2014. Planned date are 2-3 of August! We already have 6 foreign teams entered so don´t take to long to enter your team.

Preliminary Dates 2014 , 2013-08-08

Pending Union aproval we are currently aiming for 2-3 of August next year! Welcome back.

Winners 2013, 2013-08-05

Here are all the results. (You might need to hard refresh, press shift and the refresh page)


Winners 2013 Stockholm Tens Cup
Men Cup: Stockholm Exiles

Womens Cup: Excelsior

Men Plate: The Honey Badgers

Ladies Plate: d Schwiitzer


Men Bowl: Hammarby Bees
Ladies Bowl: Umeå/Attila


Men Shield: Örebro

Old Boys: Stockholm Exiles


Fair play cup: Horny Bulls


Fancy dress: Helsinki RC


Final report is here!


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Schedule and Rules , 2013-07-31

All the info you need for the tournament is now available here: rules

Draw, 2013-07-30

Preliminary draw for 2013: Draw 2013. (Updated to version 1.4)

Poster, 2013-06-25

Here is this years poster: Poster 2013. Print and share please!

Hotel info, 2013-04-25

Hotel info is now up on the Accommodation page.

Invite, 2013-01-18

Here is the invite for this year: Invite 2013. Planned date are 3-4 of August!

Winners, 2012-07-29

Here are all the results. Preliminary dates for next year are 3-4 of August!


Winners 2012 Stockholm Tens Cup
Men Cup: Stockholm Exiles

Womens Cup: Moody Cows

Men Plate: Old Habs Panthers

Ladies Plate: Enköping Damer


Men Bowl: Linköping
Ladies Bowl: Lammkött

Old Boys: Stockholm Exiles


Fair play cup: BTC Oldboys


Full report is now up.

Schedule and Rules , 2012-07-26

All the info you need for the tournament is now available here: rules

New naming sponsor , 2012-06-12

We are happy to announce the new naming sponsor of the Stockholm Tens: Nissan Mobility Motors ( Thanks for your support!

Tournaments filling up , 2012-06-11

The tournaments are now filling up. So if you want to enter a team you better hurry up. If you have shown interest before but cannot make it please let us know.

Official hotel now fixed , 2012-03-08

You can now find contacts and info about the official hotels on the Accommodation page. Due to some conference in town the previous years hotels are not available. It is recomended that you book early as many other options might be full because of the same conference.

Stockholm Tens Nr 20! , 2012-01-18

You can now download the official invitation here.
Spread the word and start getting your teams together.

Stockholm Tens 2012, 2011-12-08

The dates for the 20th anniversary 2012 Stockholm Tens will be 28-29 July!


Sign up early to get a spot!

Final results, 2011-07-31

Here are all the results. Preliminary dates for the 20th anniversary next year are 28-29 July!


Winners 2011 Stockholm Tens
Men Cup: Olorun Sharks

Womens Cup: Moody Cows

Men Plate: Teamlink Titans

Ladies Plate: Natural Selection


Men Bowl: Full Circle

Old Boys: BTC Oldboys


Fair play cup: "380 - 0"


Full report is now up.

Day 2 Schedule, 2011-07-30

Here is the Day 2 schedule. Don´t forget to check in at the admin 30 minutes before your first game.

Rules & Regs 2, 2011-07-25

All the rules and regulations are now up in the rules section. A preliminary Day 1 schedule is there too.

Rules & Regs, 2011-07-22

The rules, regulations and preliminary draw will be posted during the weekend. No dramatic changes from previous years.

Entries, 2011-05-02

The Ladies tournament is now full but we will take teams on a reserve list and consider raising the amount of teams if needed. The Old Boys have one place left, unless we decide to expand that tournament too. It is time for you to enter your mens team now!

Entries, 2011-02-09

The Teams section has now been updated with all the entries so far. Plenty of spots left for the men but the womens tournament is half full already. OB and OG only have three spots each left. We have teams from 8 countries so far. It is time for you to enter your team!

Official Hotel, 2010-12-17

We are happy to announce that the Quality Hotel Globe will be the official hotel for the 2011 Stockholm Tens! More info here.

Stockholm tens 2011 Invite, 2010-11-16

You can now get next years invite here.

Stockholm tens 2011 Dates approved, 2010-10-18

We just got next years date approved by the Swedish union. Now confirmed for 30-31 July 2011. Start getting your teams ready!


Winners 2010



Winners 2010 Stockholm Tens
Men Cup: Wooden Spoon

Womens Cup: Moody Cows

Men Plate: Teamlink Titans

Men Bowl: Club Portuense

Men Shield: Linköping


Ladies Plate: Old Belvedere 2

Ladies Bowl: Bergen Blizzards

Old Boys: Henley Vikings


Fair play cup: Bootleggers


Full report can now be read here.

Games for Day 2, 2010-08-01

Todays schedule is now up.

Results Day 1 2010-07-31

Todays results are now up.

Rules & Regulations 2010-07-24

All the rules and regulations have now been updated. Available on the Rules page. (You might have to refresh the page to see all the new files).

The DRAW 2010-07-23

Here is the first version of the draw. There might be minor changes to come but hopefully it is all OK. (Minor update made, Attila men and AliBaa Baa's swap groups to ensure a Scandinavian team in each pool)


Day 1 Updated 100724

Day 2

Stockholm Tens 2010-05-15

The final teams are now being sorted. A few teams have droped out and the reserves are stepping in. The latest list can always be found here. You can also find the preliminary list of the refs here. The prospects for this year look great.


Stockholm Tens 2010-04-26

Very few spots left for the men and women. Still looking for a few more Old Boys teams. Click on the "teams" button to the left for up to date entries. First to fill out the entry form and to pay get the spots.


Stockholm Tens 2010-04-07

The Rica Talk hotel has been choosen again as the official hotel. Go to the Accomodation page for details on booking.


Stockholm Tens 2010-03-30

The 2010 event is filling up nicely with teams from all over Europe and even the United Arab Emirates. Still plenty of spots available in all categories. Sign up today! Go to the Teams page to see who has entered so far.


Stockholm Tens 2010

Welcome to Stockholm in 2010! Here is the invite for the Stockholm Tens 2010.


The report

The full report from the 2009 Tens is now up here.


All the results are still up on the Results page.

Tomas Berg has already posted a large amount of photos at
Daniel Storch should also have lots more up soon.


And the 2009 winners are...

Men's Cup: Olorun Sharks

Men's Plate: Stockholm Exiles

Men's Bowl: Bergen Red Nuts

Ladies Cup: German 7's Accademy

Ladies Plate: Bergen Raiderettes

Old Boys: South Pacific Masters

Fair Play Cup:Bergen Raiderettes

Best Pirates: Gazelles


All the results from the tournament can now be found on the Results page.
If you have any great pictures please post them on our Facebook page.


results DAY 1

After a long day all the results are now up and the draw for tomorrow is ready. Take a look on the Results page.

Social schedule

Friday: The Liffey in Gamla Stan
Saturday: BBQ and Party at venue
Sunday: End of tournament party, Talk Rica Hotel


Get more details here

In the media

A fine article about the Tens has just been posted at:

Lost a few teams

A new draw is now available here. This was updated as we lost a few teams. We are also looking for some extra players for a Presidents select. Send me your mobile nr and I will ad you to the team. Free entry for those that play with the team.

The 2009 Draw is now ready!

The draw is now available here for day 1. Day 2 and final rules will be up in a few days. Games start at 10.00 on Sunday.

Tournament filling up nicely!

We now have 23 Men's teams and 11 Women's from 10 countries! Teams from the following countries have entered: England, Spain, Scotland, Sweden, France, Wales, USA, Finland, Germany and Ireland. More teams are welcome. The men have 32 spots and the women 16 so there are not that many empty places left. Sign up today!

Official dates for 2009!

It's now official, we will hold the tournament on the 1st and 2nd of August 2009. Invitations have been sent to most previously entered teams.

Invitation can be downloaded here

Official PHOTOS 2008

Click here to go to Daniel Storch's site with the official photos


Official report

A big thank you to everyone that made this years event a great success. A full report is available here: 2008 report.


There is an unofficial Facebook page where you can share your own pictures and stories if you wish.


And the 2008 winners are...

Men's Cup: Wooden Spoon

Men's Plate: Old Brightonians

Men's Bowl: Teamlink Titans

Men's Shield: Linköping

Ladies Cup: Irish Vixens

Ladies Plate: Blackheath

Old Boys: South Pacific Masters

Junior Boys: Dudley Kingswinford

Fair Play Cup: RC UTM/RC Steaua


All the results from the tournament can now be found on the Results page.


Saturday's results are now up!

All the results from today can now be found on the Results page. You can also see what time you play tomorrow and against who. Thanks for a great day so far.


All rules, schedules etc now finalised

Select the rules button to the left for all documents neccessary for entered teams.



Players wanted

A few more male players are needed to fill up the "President's select". If you are keen for a run send us an e-mail.



Tri-Nations game to be shown at 8 pm on saturday night

The Tri-Nations game between Australia and New Zealand will be shown at
Stockholm 10´s entertainment area on Saturday evening, 8 pm

This is the first time the team play each other with the new laws. Free entry from 18.30.



Official pub

O´Connell´s is the official Pub of the 16th Stockholm 10´s. Anyone presenting a wristband from the tournament will get a 10% rebate on every purchase during the weekend.

Stora Nygatan 21, Gamla Stan, (Old Town) Contact number: +46 8 22 30 70


10 days to go before the 16th Stockholm 10´s

Over a 1000 rugby players are packing their bags and heading towards Stockholm next weekend. The weather has been sunny and warm in Stockholm and things are looking good for the 16th Stockholm 10´s.

This years tournament has the folling categories and entries
• Mens, 32 teams
• Ladies, 16 teams
• Old boys 4 teams
• U19 boys, 5 teams
All in all, 57 entered teams.

The draw will be posted within a few days.

There will be a large food and beveridge area between the 2 main fields, food & drink is available all day and night (from 12:00).

This year the tournament has received a longer licence and the bar will be open until 01:00 am. There will be a full bar service in the evening plus entertaining, DJ, dance floor etc etc.

The Tri-Nations game between Australia and New Zealand will be shown in the evening, at the venue.

On the Sunday evening, there will be an end of tournament party at a night club in Stockholm, with a late licence.